Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do You Know the Definition of a Family Manager?

What is a Family Manager?

The Family Manager of a home should be one individual in the family who takes the leadership role for seeing that the home and all its operations run smoothly. The position is not about gender or age. It may be a mother who works outside the home, or a stay-at-home dad, or a grandparent who has come to live with the family. Every family is unique.

Family Managers should see their job for what it is: an executive management position of the most important organization in the world -- YOUR FAMILY. The title reflects the true nature of the work that millions of people do every day, whether or not they have another full-time or part-time job outside the home. A worthy goal for all Family Managers is to become efficient, effective and accomplished in their profession.

Assuming the role of Family Manager is a serious undertaking. It is not only a great privilege to have a family, but a big responsibility. The Family Manager Creed expresses the breadth of influence and significance of the job.

The Family Manager Creed:
I oversee the most important organization in the world --
Where hundreds of decisions are made daily,
Where property and resources are managed,
Where health and nutritional needs are determined,
Where finances and futures are discussed and debated,
Where projects are planned and events are arranged,
Where transportation and scheduling are critical,
Where team-building is a priority,
Where careers begin and end. I oversee an organization --
I am a Family Manager!

Becoming an effective Family Manager requires training. The skills and techniques needed to run a home well can be learned in much the same way a business executive learns how to run a company, expressing his or her own leadership style. The Family Management system provides structure and direction, but allows the Family Manager and family members to express their own priorities, personal style, and preferences to the job of running their home.

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